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Leadership Legacy League is an community of world changers who want to expand their relationship with Holy Spirit, so they can access supernatural business intelligence and thrive in economic chaos.

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Economic Tsunami Prophecy

In 2012 I had a vision of a gigantic tsunami coming off the East coast of the United States.

The tsunami represented a shaking of the world’s economic systems and the financial impact was significant! I then saw courageous leaders who were being led by Holy Spirit through unique choices, new ventures, and uncanny steps of obedience.

They rode the tsunami, prospered, and helped others to prosper too!

Prophecy Is For The Future, But Business Owners Need Decision-Making Certainty For TODAY.

Clients have been spared over $52M from mistakes due to accurate business intelligence and prophetic warnings.

Cheryl-Ann has quantifiable results from startups defining their market niche, to ventures evaluating
new opportunities, to corporate-level operations impacting the Kingdom.

Morris Ruddick President/Founder, Global Initiatives Foundation

What’s Included In Leadership Legacy League

Business Intelligence For High-Producing Business Leaders

Personalized Strategies To Remain, Overcome, and Prosper

Individualized Development Based on Assessments

Fast Results:

40% Of Mastermind Clients Had Revenue Opportunities
Appear (with no effort on their partWithin Just 6 Weeks.

"Cheryl-Ann has been my advisor in creating a massive wealth transfer plan for my businesses and my partners!"
Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
"Cheryl-Ann’s prophetic warning spared me from a $1M mistake that would have cost me my business!"
Founder, Integrated Governance Solutions & Dean of Business, Crown College
"My top line revenue increased 730% in 6 months, and I rest more! I close my laptop at 1pm and stop working."
LIZ ZUREK BEAUDRY President & CEO, Envision

My goal is that my clients hear God with 100% accuracy on three frequencies.

About Cheryl-Ann

Over 3 Decades Business Consulting
Cheryl-Ann Needham, PhD, has a passion to see Remnant Leaders bring solutions in times of chaos. She has been working exclusively with Kingdom CEOs and Business Owners as a Business Strategist, Prophet and Coach since 2008. She has served pioneers including inventors, alternative systems architects, movie producers, health care trailblazers, e-commerce gurus and more. Her clients have been spared over $52 million from mistakes due to accurate business intelligence and prophetic warnings. She has spoken at 100X, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit, Stewards Summit, Entrepreneurship Weekend, and other stages. She is the author of Sound Alignment 2.0, a relational blueprint for Kingdom leaders. 

Prophecy is for the future and often leaves
us questioning next steps. Cheryl-Ann gave
clear next steps from the Holy Spirit, so I knew the right roads to take.

Hector Marquez, Founder, 3M Marketing

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